Case study - Rental properties, Dorchester

Mrs Murray was searching for rental properties in the Dorchester area and visited our specialist letting agents in Poundbury to browse three bed houses on the rental market.  Mrs Murray was keen to locate her family near to Dorchester Middle School and local amenities that all of the family would be able to enjoy. 

We were able to find Mrs Murray and her family a modern three-bedroom townhouse on the outskirts of the Poundbury Development.  The house was newly refurbished, had a landscaped garden that was low maintenance and was ideally positioned for Mrs Murray to commute.


"I have had lots of difficulties over the years with property management teams (we have property elsewhere) and it has been lovely to be in this Dorchester town house for three years. As someone who has been on their own for months at a time with young children, I can tell you I have never felt safer, and I will be sad to leave the area but the work opportunity is too good to miss and forces relocation."

Mrs Murray, Dorchester